How Can Custom ERP Software Inhibit Business Agility?

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The findings of a report by IFS North America are surprising: Over 50% of companies say that ERP systems lock them into rigid business processes which are very difficult to change once implemented.  This report shows that businesses become less agile because the cost and effort to reconfigure the existing system becomes too expensive. So how can you maintain your agility while benefitting from the capabilities of a custom ERP solution?

Agility can mean a few different things for companies. First of all, companies need the ability to change and grow as customer demands change and grow. Secondly, companies need affordable options that don’t paint them into a corner, ultimately hurting their business and stalling their growth.

Change and Growth: With the plethora of ERP options out there today, no company should feel stuck or limited to what they can do with their business. Microsoft Dynamics® ERP software adapts and changes with your company as you grow and the needs of your customers change. Microsoft’s partner network is secure and creates more opportunity for unique implementations, giving you the custom solution that will grow with you, not limit you.


Affordability: Microsoft Dynamics makes it possible for smaller- mid-sized businesses to benefit from ERP functionality. You can choose from flexible deployment options and implement quickly using Microsoft’s rapid implementation tools. We see Microsoft invest continuously in finding ways to make their solutions more affordable, including online or partner hosted options, limited time offers, and pre-defined custom applications.  

We here at Rimrock are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics® GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solutions and are dedicated to ensuring technology grows with you, no matter where you are headed.

By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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