Hearing it from the Horse’s Mouth: Thoughts from Actual Cloud Users

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We’ve heard a lot about why people should move to the cloud, but what about hearing from the people in the cloud? What is their experience and what can we learn from them? In reading this whitepaper, “How the Cloud Looks from the Top: Achieving Competitive Advantage in the Age of Cloud Computing”, I came to a few conclusions…

  • It seems the majority of early adopters in this study (about 57%) are already seeing real business value. Implementing cloud computing has shortened ramp up time and lowered their cost of operations, helping them continue business as usual.
  • Of the benefits companies are seeing, increased business agility tops the list with 44% seeing it as the most pertinent to their competitive advantage. Companies are seeing the advantage of being able to capture and launch new business quicker than their competitors. Testing ideas or approaches also becomes more feasible in the cloud. It’s easy to scale up if the idea is viable and just as easy to scale down if it won’t work. 64% of respondents said the advantage of the cloud is that it “lets us experiment more easily and at low cost.” Taking risky chances on ideas is no longer a worry for these companies.
  • The main concern associated with cloud computing is data security, topping the list at 60%. Even adopters are still concerned with the security levels of cloud computing, but the benefits seem to be outweighing the risks according to this whitepaper.
  • The use of the cloud is also expected to rise immensely in the next few years. Respondents predicted that usage would grow from 16% to 52% in three years. A key factor that will drive this is research; proof the cloud work in case studies, examples, benchmarks, etc. are not common today, but will be more so once more adopt the cloud.

To read this complete whitepaper by Microsoft and Harvard Business Review, please visit our website. Sikich is a Chicago Microsoft Gold Certified Partner serving the Midwest specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics® GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Sikich, St. Louis Microsoft Dynamics GP partner

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