Dynamics GP: Advantages of a "Tailor-Made" ERP Solution

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When evaluating ERP systems, there are many things to consider.

Usually the most important will be the core functionality. In this case, you will probably soon realize that ERP solutions will have similar features and functionality to support what you would expect to find in an ERP system. If you have been evaluating Dynamics GP as one of the options, you are probably aware of the large ISV add-on solution offerings available. This may be one of the key reasons you are placing a higher consideration to an all-in-one system. From your perspective, you will have a single organization to work with and you know it will all work together. You won't be intimidated by multiple choices. You may however, get a more generic system with limited flexibility.

Did you know:

  • The Dynamics GP network of add-on solutions has a long established history, known for being seamlessly integrated to the core Dynamics GP system?
  • Many of the solutions available have an interface designed and developed with the same look and feel as GP. Had you not known, you would think it is part of the core system.
  • Many other available solutions use Microsoft's integration tools to follow the same business rules as GP and offer the same Microsoft support. Solutions using those integration tools are typically upgrade ready along with GP.
  • Solutions offered are required to meet certain Microsoft specifications.
  • Dynamics GP partners have established trusting relationships with the ISV network and use that network as an extension to their own resources.

Here is an analogy to consider:

If building a house, you would contract a General Contractor to oversee the project and make sure it is implemented to your satisfaction. (Think of this as the GP Partner). But the General Contractor is going to then contract specific experts: An electrician, a plumber, etc. (the ISV community).  The General Contractor is your single point of contact and they will coordinate and make sure everything works as expected.  That General Contractor understands all the basic requirements. As the General Contractor, his job is to put together and manage the team that will complete the job to meet or exceed the customer expectations.

Just like the General Contractor, the Dynamics Partners work regularly and closely with the ISV community. They know many of the solutions well and can offer you guidance or the choices available. They will be the coordinator and the project manager for a seamless interaction.

Your industry and your organization is unique.

By selecting an all-in-one out-of-the-box solution, you may be forced to make the system fit or you may end up with parts of the system you still need to customize. Will this end up scaling as you grow?  If there are changes in how your organization or industry operates, will the system readily adapt?  Will you end up locked in to doing things the same way, even if there may be a better option?  With the large number of add-on solutions, many of them designed for a specific industry or to support a specific technology, your partner can put together a solution that is tailor-made to your industry or organization. In addition, you have now expanded the number of expert resources available to you. This network of experts can offer you  suggestions and best practices that a single resource may not have. Your General Contractor isn't going to necessarily know all of the most recent changes to electrical codes or know about the best energy-saving technology for doors and windows. His experts will.

Flexibility and Scalability

With the offerings of add-on solutions,  you now have the flexibility to manage your budget and your project as needed. You have specific features you need now and you may also have a wish list of others. Your partners can help you put together a planning budget or a phased roll out. You can implement and get the understanding of the core solution and then be in a better position to identify what other features you need or want and have the ability to evaluate the options available. For example, you know you want to add bar coding for better inventory management. Do you need a  full Warehouse Management Solution? Will the core inventory management features available within Dynamics GP meet your needs and adding a bar code data capture solution will add the efficiency you desire?  Do you have any specialized tracking requirements? You may not be in position to answer this right away until you have an opportunity to implement and learn what you can use within Dynamics GP. You may want to select from a variety of options available for the solution that will best meet your needs and fits your budget.  In the end, will that single solution offering provide you the flexibility you need? It is easier to add packaged add-on applications than it will be to then have the solution customized. Packaged add-ons will be easily upgradeable along with your core GP system and you won't end up potentially having a custom "one-off" system.

The Partners work closely with the ISV community. The ISV community is an extension of resources for your Partner;  both want the end result to be satisfied customers. The solutions are tightly integrated to GP. They are designed specifically to enhance functionality and meet a specific need that a generic system can't always offer.

Make it your own!

Don't be afraid to be engaged with multiple resources regardless of if they work under the same organization name or not. Dynamics GP is a solid core ERP system. You can make it your own with the large network of specialized solutions specifically developed for your industry or for a specific technology.  In addition, your solution is now scalable. You always have the opportunity to add other solutions and technologies at your own pace. If your needs change, you have the options to change your system. In the end, you still end up with a single integrated solution designed for you.

Panatrack is part of the ISV community. We work closely with Partners to offer bar code data capture solutions integrating directly to Dynamics GP for inventory and fixed asset tracking. Our expertise extends to the features and functionality for inventory and asset management with the Dynamics GP system. Also specialized in the technology, we work together with Dynamics Partners to help identify best practices within these areas. See more on our solutions at www.panatrack.com or contact your GP Partner.

by Panatrack, ISV provider for Microsoft Dynamics GP add ons

2 thoughts on “Dynamics GP: Advantages of a "Tailor-Made" ERP Solution”

  1. Dear Sir / Madame,

    I am writing you on behalf of Leno Gulf Company, we are a newly grown company which processes sesame seeds. And we are now looking forward to install a TAILORED ERP System for our company in order to better manage Accounting, Production & Stock as we are situated in both Nigeria and Sudan. Our ERP system should be very basic as is our business, our company's document are divided into 2 sections Production and Financial.
    1) Cash Expenses Request
    2) Cash Movement
    3) Cash Payment
    4) Cash Receipt
    5) Sesame Seeds purchase order
    6) Transfer Order

    7) Daily Production Report
    8) Item Card
    9) Maintenance Card
    10) Production Order
    11) Sifting machine production plan
    12) Sesame Inventory Card
    13) Sesame Seeds delivery
    14) Sesame seeds receipt

    Are you able to create a software that could involve all the following ? If yes then please give me a price quotation which i expect to be motivating because as you can see there is nothing complicated about our departments as we are a small company.
    I am awaiting your reply,
    And if you need any clarifications please do not hesitate

    Kind Regards,
    Hassan Schalabi

    Leno Gulf Ltd.

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