Why Choose an ERP Partner Who Provides the Power of Choice?

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At Socius, we have recently acquired a Microsoft Dynamics NAV practice and consultants with over a decade of experience supporting the former Navision product.  With the addition of Dynamics NAV, we are now one of the few partners in the world who offer the full range of Microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions. 

This is important, not because we want to pat ourselves on the back, but because it puts us in a unique position to offer our clients a true choice of the best possible solution to meet their business needs. 

If you are looking for a new ERP solution for your business, selecting a partner before selecting a software system can benefit your organization in a number of ways.  By choosing a partner who will guide you through the selection process, you can identify a solution that will:

  • Maximize and streamline your business processes, rather than trying to mold your processes to fit a software system
  • Work like and with your other business systems in order to reduce training costs, increase user buy-in, and improve the transfer of data across your organization
  • Be flexible enough to grow with your business and continue to support your business’ agility
  • Meet industry requirements and enable you to comply with regulations

LPK, a leading design and branding company, sat down with an independent third-party and shared with them why they chose Socius and Microsoft Dynamics GP for their ERP needs:

Based on identified objectives, LPK narrowed the search for a new accounting system down to three finalists, including Sage MAS 500 ERP, Epicor, and Microsoft Dynamics GP. “Any of the systems could have worked for us, so we turned our focus to the partner relationship and network of users that would be available for each of these finalists,” John Keller, Financial Services Manager for LPK says. “Socius impressed us from the very start. Their process-focused approach to the project assured us they were best able to deliver a long-term software solution and make the switch a successful one.”

Keller is confident that the company made the right choice—both in the software it selected and the business partner who implemented the software. “The LPK/Socius partnership is a winning proposition. Socius challenges us to examine every angle to maximize both its usefulness and necessity,” he concludes. “With the support of Socius, this solution provides us with unlimited abilities to measure, report, and act on accurate and timely data. It’s unlike anything we’ve experienced before.”

To begin working with Socius to find the right ERP solution to fit your business, request a complimentary Business Strategy Assessment today!

By Socius, a national Microsoft Dynamics Partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

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