Six Steps to a Successful Business Intelligence (BI) Implementation

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We often hear from our clients that they need to measure their businesses through defined metrics. A Business Intelligence (BI) solution provides you with the capabilities of reporting, analyzing, and presenting data in a meaningful way.

Proper implementation of business intelligence technology translates into a serious competitive advantage in the market.  Business Intelligence is an investment and the data that is derived from BI technology can result in an immediate ROI.  Through the use of Microsoft Dynamics and its add-on solutions, successful BI implementation becomes a realistic opportunity for your business.

SBS Group’s partner, MaxQ Technologies, has identified the Six Steps to a Successful BI Implementation and outlined it in an informative whitepaper.  If you are considering building a data warehouse, or implementing a business intelligence system, this whitepaper will guide you in the critical steps in developing successful BI solutions which include:

  1. Identify measurements that reflect your business.
  2. Less is more – Don’t try to boil the ocean.
  3. Set goals and measure them.
  4. Set parameters on data and content.
  5. Identify and recognize resource availability.
  6. Ensure flexibility and longevity in your system.

Interested in learning more? Watch this 4-minute video on QVision, a Business Intelligence tool created by MaxQ Technologies. For more information on BI solutions, contact SBS Group here, email  or call 732.476.5909. Or, download the Six Steps to a Successful BI Implementation whitepaper here.

By: SBS Group – Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, AX & CRM Gold Partner

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