Dynamics ERP for Distribution: The Success Story of El Catador

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Dynamics GP (Great Plains) is an extremely flexible product, both on suitable industry types, as well as the size of companies in which it can be successfully implemented.  ICON has been a Dynamics business partner for more than 2 decades, and as such we have all sorts of customers.  If you ask me what is the best customer fit for Dynamics GP, however, I would tell you without hesitation that it is small-to-midsize distribution companies.

Not only is Dynamics a full-featured product for distribution companies, in addition to that, there are plenty of third-party add-ons that complement specialized areas of distribution businesses, such as warehouse management and mobile sales.  A distribution company is the one that stands to gain the most when paired with a good business partner that knows how to help the customer improve the different business processes using Dynamics GP.

Take the case of El Catador, one of the most successful companies in Dominican Republic over the last decade.  Today it is the undisputed wine distribution company in the Dominican Republic.  Only a decade ago, however, they faced great growth potential but did not have a suitable information platform to support it.  Sound familiar?  Probably yes, because this is a typical scenario: Companies with lots of potential that are lead by a new generation of entrepreneurs looking for the best tools to maximize said potential, particularly in trying economic times. Today you need to be more efficient, leaner, and make the most of your systems to automate and improve processes.

The evolution of El Catador started out with implementing their first Small Business Server infrastructure, which is perfect for small companies revamping their systems.  During the first few years after that, the company concentrated in creating and consolidating all of its key operational processes:  supply chain, inventory controls, shipping processes, billing, collections, and of course, creating a solid financial information platform.  In each of these areas, Dynamics GP excels with rich functionality such as multiple sites management and landed costing.  The ease of use of the Dynamics GP system was key in early user adoption and in creating a data analysis culture that did not exist before.

A few years later, Dynamics GP has offered the company the capacity to grow, automating and improving all of their warehousing processes, real-time hand-held remote sales operations, and the operation of their on-premise retail store, La Viña de El Catador. And as the business expansion and improvement ideas keep coming, Dynamics GP keeps responding to this customer's needs, 10 years on.  That is the true value of Dynamics GP when implemented within an environment where partner and customer work together to make the best of the platform.

The base functionality of Dynamics GP in distribution and the tremendous flexibility provided by the wealth of third-party products available, make this product ideal for distribution companies.  Ease of use and low total cost of ownership makes it possible for small and midsize companies to benefit from this system to help them grow and succeed, as has been the case for El Catador.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner

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