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Most ERP packages have some report writing package that allows users to create and distribute financial statements for analysis purposes.  The problem is that many of these packages create reports that are too limited. Oftentimes, end users are looking for a very specific report and wind up getting something different from what they asked for.

Microsoft Dynamics SL can help. With Dynamics SL, you get powerful report generation tools that support all major accounting standards and can handle multi-jurisdiction requirements no matter how complex.  Dynamics SL gives you the control to know that your financial reports will comply with the continual evolution of GAAP and IFRS. With Dynamics SL, you have the ability to create custom and ad hoc reports that provide real time, actionable information to upper management and other staff. Data can be presented differently to specific people in your organization based upon what they need to see. With Dynamics SL, anything recorded in the General Ledger can be used to create reports and present information however it is needed.

Dynamics SL gives you real-time insights into organizational results as well and supports enterprise and departmental reporting.  All reports are distributed through a secure, centralized report library.  Users can drill down from high level reports, through company hierarchies, all the way to the account and underlying transaction details providing the information necessary to make business decisions.  Dynamics SL makes it easy to create, maintain and distribute presentation quality financial reports and gives you the ability to measure and analyze your results.

Financial reporting regulations are constantly changing, and as such, reporting requirements are constantly changing. With Microsoft Dynamics SL, you can be confidant that your reports will stay in compliance. To learn more and to see how Dynamics SL can help you, contact us at 866-504-4357 to schedule a needs analysis and demo.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner serving Pennsylvania

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