Access Multi-Currency Rate Tables in New Versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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As new versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP are released, there are increasing points of contact between Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office.  One connection that hasn’t appeared yet concerns multi-currency.  However, you can simplify finding the multi-currency rates by using Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or 2010.

Dynamics GP and Microsft FRx need access to multi-currency rate tables.  Instead of manually creating these tables you can use a feature in Excel 2007/2010 to pull the rates into Excel.

Open Excel.  Select the Data tab.  Click on the Existing Connections icon.

The Existing Connections window opens, scroll down and select the MSN MoneyCentral Investor Currency Rates connection, click Open.

Enter a location for the rate table (the current cell location will be the default), click OK

Shortly a list of currencies showing exchange rates with US dollars will appear.

Currency Rates Provided by MSN Money
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Name In US$    Per US$
Argentine Peso to US Dollar 0.24444 4.091
Australian Dollar to US Dollar 1.0555 0.947
Bahraini Dinar to US Dollar 2.6487 0.378
Bolivian Boliviano to US Dollar 0.14389 6.95
Brazilian Real to US Dollar 0.60976 1.64
British Pound to US Dollar 1.6129 0.62
Canadian Dollar to US Dollar 1.0228 0.978
Chile Peso to US Dollar 0.00211 473.8
Chinese Yuan to US Dollar 0.1537 6.506
Colombian Peso to US Dollar 0.00055 1823
Czech Koruna to US Dollar 0.05724 17.47
Danish Krone to US Dollar 0.18884 5.295
Euro to US Dollar 1.4077 0.71
Egyptian Pound* to US Dollar 0.16792 5.955
Hong Kong Dollar to US Dollar 0.12858 7.777
Hungarian Forint to US Dollar 0.00521 191.8
Indian Rupee to US Dollar 0.02211 45.22
Indonesia Rupiah to US Dollar 0.00012 8580
Japanese Yen to US Dollar 0.01222 81.84
Jordanian Dinar to US Dollar 1.4075 0.711
Kenyan Shilling to US Dollar 0.01154 86.68
South Korean Won to US Dollar 0.00091 1094
Kuwaiti Dinar to US Dollar 3.6199 0.276
Morocco Dirham to US Dollar 0.12474 8.016
Malaysian Ringgit to US Dollar 0.32744 3.054
Mexican Peso to US Dollar 0.08532 11.721
Norwegian Krone to US Dollar 0.17934 5.576
Omani Rial to US Dollar 2.5967 0.385
Peruvian New Sol to US Dollar 0.36153 2.766
Philippine Peso to US Dollar 0.02302 43.45
Pakistani Rupee to US Dollar 0.01161 86.11
Saudi Riyal to US Dollar 0.26661 3.751
Singapore Dollar to US Dollar 0.8018 1.247
South African Rand to US Dollar 0.14259 7.013
Swedish Krona to US Dollar 0.15789 6.334
Swiss Franc to US Dollar 1.1343 0.882
Taiwan Dollar to US Dollar 0.03459 28.907
Thai Baht to US Dollar 0.03285 30.44
Tunisian Dinar to US Dollar 0.71669 1.395
Emirati Dirham to US Dollar 0.27221 3.674
United States Dollar 1 1
Venezuelan Bolivar to US Dollar 0.23283 4.295

The table can be formatted or refreshed as needed.

Add a macro and a particular currency can be added to a table located elsewhere in the spreadsheet and you can track the currency on a periodic basis.

RSM has been implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP Business Solutions for more than 30 years.  Please contact us for more information on capabilities or how we can help you with Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation.

By:  Claude Frymark, RSM - Microsoft Dynamics GP Specialist

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