Reinvesting in Your ERP Systems: Why Now is the Time

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Slowly but surely, we continue to see signs of life in the economy.  Jobless numbers appear to be improving and IT budgets seem to be loosening.  While companies have learned to do more with less, they are extremely dependent on technology to help them do so.  As we look into our crystal ball for the remainder of 2011, we are seeing strong indicators that companies are ready to invest in technology.  As the many thousand attendees of the recent Microsoft Convergence conference saw firsthand, there are some very compelling reasons to upgrade their current ERP systems or get on board with the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL.  We will try to cover some of the highlights for you here.

With a predicted release of May 1st, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 builds upon the solid 2010 release.  Some of the key features include:

  • New Word document templates make it easier to create Invoices, Packing Slips, and other items pulling data from Dynamics GP.
  • New Report Deployment Wizard for SQL Reporting Services reports.
  • Over 250 SRS reports and 200 Excel based reports.
  • Drill Down Builder gives users the ability to define a drill down location and embed the lookup into various areas.
  • Ability to Copy Security across the Microsoft stack using the Microsoft Dynamics Security Synchronization Utility.
  • Take advantage of Navigation Lists, now 380 percent faster when working with larger data sets.
  • Use Electronic Signatures to approve simple data changes for any field or document in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Enable users to sign off on changes from within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 or through SharePoint. 
  • Designate IFRS or GAAP when posting ledger transactions using a new reporting ledger. 
  • Choose from more than 350 web services that deliver streamlined processes for both simple and complex integrations, to simplify integration deployments and improve usability and performance.

This latest release makes it easier for people to make fast, informed decisions using business intelligence that’s personalized to their roles and available through familiar Microsoft Office applications.  New capabilities continue to streamline and automate business processes, simplify setup and maintenance, and let you tailor your solution to meet specific user and business needs.

Are you looking at Dynamics GP 2010 as a new solution for your business?  Learn why you should choose Dynamics GP 2010 R2.

Released April 1st Dynamics SL 2011 builds on the updated interface and improves the user experience.  The activity panes, search functionality, and role based menus improve adoption rates and lower training costs.  Other features include:

  • The new Quick Query tool provides predefined views of accounting data that can quickly be sent to programs like Excel and Word for further analysis. 
  • For those who use multi-company, the hot new feature will be the ability to open multiple company screens within a single session.  You will now also be able to color code companies to eliminate confusion during data entry. 
  • Users of Dynamics SL 2011 will also be able to utilize the Microsoft Management Reporter, a real-time financial reporting system. 
  • The DocShare feature allows employees, customers, and vendors the ability to share and collaborate on documents using Microsoft SharePoint technology. 
  • Users of Dynamics SL 2011 will now have the ability to attach documents directly to screens allowing companies to save on printing and document storage costs.
  • The two way integration with Microsoft Project Server 2010 allows companies to maintain projects from either solution. 
  • The Business Portal for Dynamics SL 2011 allows users to key in time and expenses, set up projects, assign resources, create budgets, and more, all through the web. 
  • If you need to allocate inventory to projects, Dynamics SL 2011 gives you the tools to meet project demands and stay on track and on budget.
  • Also new for Dynamics SL 2011 are web services for customer and project data.  Users can now use web services to connect to other solutions such as Dynamics CRM or other in-house products.  Web services will allow for better performance and tighter integrations while bringing together the front and back offices.

Want to see a summary of what’s new for Dynamics SL 2011?

Are you looking at Dynamics SL 2011 as a new solution for your business?  Learn why you should choose Dynamics SL 2011.

By Associate Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and CRM partner serving KS MO IA NE

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