Dynamics SL 2011 Makes a Splash; Attend a Launch Event to See How Big!

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No sense spouting all the marketing gobbledygook. Might as well cut to the chase. What do users think of the three-years-in-the-making release of Dynamics SL 2011?

“It’s a big hit!”
“The multi-company. The ability to switch [without having to close existing screens] is a huge time saver for us.”
“A couple of our users tried it… within 5 minutes they came into my office with a big smile, and said ‘Oh, we love this, can we have it?’”
“We’ll be much more efficient… and get more of our Friday close-the-office-at-two-o’clock days.”

- Scott Kopald, Controller, Metson Marine

“The search thing is absolutely wonderful… it’s so easy to use that.”
“All the different additions to the user interface are huge time savers…”
“What I have tested so far is geared toward saving me time and making my experience easier, better, and faster.”
“[Multi-company] Yeah, just absolutely fabulous. It makes it so easy to do entries in one company and another…”
“Being able to just click a button and everything goes to Excel, and go back and forth like that… I can just hear all my clients, they’re just going to love it.”

- Carolyn Jasiulewicz, Progressive System Solutions

Join us at one of three West Coast Dynamics SL 2011 Launch Events. See for yourself why Dynamics SL 2011 is making a big splash with users: May 3, 17, and 18 in Los Angeles, Bellevue, WA, and Mountain View, CA.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP Gold Partner serving the West Coast.

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