Who Do You Do Business With - Building a Restricted Party Screening System (RPSS) for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Did you know that there are restrictions on shipping to certain countries, companies, organizations, or individuals?  Do you know there can be significant fines or sanctions if you do business with the wrong people?  

The U.S. Government maintains a number of databases and lists of these Restricted Parties.  As a business, you are responsible for ensuring you do not do business with individuals or companies on these lists.  The U.S. Department of the Treasury website has an FAQ page (https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/faqs/Sanctions/Pages/answer.aspx) that goes into some detail explaining this policy.  There are specific software products and services (and web services!) specifically designed to screen records against the various government databases.  One of our more interesting development projects was building a Restricted Party Screening System (RPSS) for Microsoft Dynamics GP– interacting with eCustoms Visual Compliance web services to screen customers and vendors as users enter and process sales orders and purchase orders; then automatically putting transactions “on hold” if there was any “hit” on the record. 

From a development standpoint, it involved the Dexterity development environment along with a number of SQL stored procedures and a VB .Net dll to interact with the web service.  From an ISV standpoint, it was interesting to develop a solution that integrated Microsoft Dynamics GP to web services – ensuring the companies who purchased this product that they are not accidentally doing business with restricted parties.

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By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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