Multi-Function Printer (MFP) vs. Scanner

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Ready to take your Microsoft Dynamics investment paperless?  Not sure what type of scanning device to choose?  The first decision you’ll be faced with is probably going to be whether to choose a multi-function printer (MFP) or a scanner.  Fortunately finding the answer is as simple as taking a look at what you need to scan.

If you need to scan single and multiple-page, one-sided documents on a regular basis, then an MFP might work best for you.  Consider a model with an automatic document feeder, so you can place multiple pages in the device at one time for scanning, rather than manually feeding each page.

If you need to scan single and multiple-page, one sided and two sided documents on a regular basis, then a scanner might be your best bet.  Few desktop MFPs can scan both sides of a page at the same time.  Plus, scanners generally get the job done much quicker.  For example, the Fujitsu fi-6140 Color Duplex Scanner can process 60 pages per minute, while the average MFP gets the job done in twice the time.

For more information on the difference between multi-function printers and scanners, I recommend reading the very informative and entertaining guest post on the PaperSavePro blog site “Going Paperless?  Here’s a tip on choosing the right scanning device” by Sarah “I Love Scanners” Smith, ISV Business Development Guru at Fujitsu.

To learn even more about the difference between multi-function printers and scanners, plus to see how easy it is to take Dynamics paperless with PaperSavePro, be sure to stop by booth 1101 in the Expo Hall at Convergence.  The PaperSavePro team will be joined by Fujitsu.  Together they’ll answer all your questions and provide live demonstrations of the only Certified for Microsoft Dynamics document management solution at the show!   

By PaperSavePro, Certified for Microsoft Dynamics Document Management Solution

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  1. searching for a multi-function printer, you should know about the advantages and extra features than the scanner that you can get with it. You should compare various brands online and choose the one with best features

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