Looking to the Future: The Launch of Dynamics SL 2011 Is Here

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Set to release April 1st, Dynamics SL 2011 is building momentum to make a big splash.  For those of you going to Convergence, you can expect to be treated to several sessions specifically focusing on this new version.  We’d like to highlight some of the highly anticipated features to pique your interest.

Dynamics SL 2011 builds on the updated interface and improves the user experience.  The activity panes, search functionality, and role based menus improve adoption rates and lower training costs.  The new Quick Query tool provides predefined views of accounting data that can quickly be sent to programs like Excel and Word for further analysis.  For those who use multi-company, the hot new feature will be the ability to open multiple company screens within a single session.  You will now also be able to color code companies to eliminate confusion during data entry.  Users of Dynamics SL 2011 will also be able to utilize the Microsoft Management Reporter, a real-time financial reporting system. 

  For many companies, Document Management is in their future and Dynamics SL 2011 is set to provide the tools needed.  The DocShare feature allows employees, customers, and vendors the ability to share and collaborate on documents using Microsoft SharePoint technology.  Users of Dynamics SL 2011 will now have the ability to attach documents directly to screens allowing companies to save on printing and document storage costs. 

Project driven organizations will also greatly benefit from the release of Dynamics SL 2011.  The two way integration with Microsoft Project Server 2010 allows companies to maintain projects from either solution.  The Business Portal for Dynamics SL 2011 allows users to key in time and expenses, set up projects, assign resources, create budgets, and more, all through the web.  If you need to allocate inventory to projects, Dynamics SL 2011 gives you the tools to meet project demands and stay on track and on budget.

Also new for Dynamics SL 2011 are web services for customer and project data.  Users can now use web services to connect to other solutions such as Dynamics CRM or other in-house products.  Web services will allow for better performance and tighter integrations while bringing together the front and back offices.

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By Associate Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and CRM partner serving KS, MO, IA and NE

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  1. I want to download trial version of Microsoft dynamic SL to do RND but didn’t find any link on net.
    Can you please provide me link from where I can download Microsoft dynamic SL.

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