Complete Automotive Manufacturing Solution with Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management

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Manufacturers today have many options when it comes to their technology solutions. Because of this, it’s vitally important that you thoroughly assess your needs before you potentially move forward with the wrong solution for your business. Automotive suppliers have a unique set of business needs that obligate them to have a manufacturing solution that is tailored to their industry’s specific requirements.

The TM Group, a Michigan Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics ERP and CRM partner, works closely with a strategic partner, AIM Computer Solutions, Inc. when working with automotive manufacturing prospects and clients.  AIM’s manufacturing production solution for automotive suppliers manages the automotive EDI, purchasing, production, and shipping processes so specific to these suppliers.  Microsoft Dynamics GP provides the best-in-class financial management tools that are fully integrated with AIM’s automotive manufacturing solution.  Anything entered into Microsoft Dynamics GP’s financials are then updated automatically in AIM and vice versa.  No duplicate data entry is needed and the databases are kept synchronized, thereby keeping critical business data and management reports accurate and updated in a timely manner.

Most of our AIM manufacturing clients install Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials edition, which offers broad-based financial functionality at an affordable price that allows them to get up and running quickly.  However, one of our newest automotive manufacturing clients also required project accounting to track their internal projects, but project accounting isn’t available on the Business Essentials edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Consequently, they purchased the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP which, along with a host of additional module functionality, also includes:

  • Project Time and Expense: Capture, review, and approve project time sheets and expense reports through the Web, enabling prompt, accurate customer invoicing and efficient reimbursement for out-of-pocket employee expenses.
  • Project Accounting: Maintain tight control over project direction, costs, execution, and budget; support resources effectively; and ensure accurate billing and accounting through tight integration with financials, inventory, and accounts receivable.

This client recently went live on Microsoft Dynamics GP and AIM’s automotive manufacturing solution and things are running smoothly for them with easier access to data, customizable reporting, streamlined EDI management, consolidated financial statements and enhanced project management capabilities.  Our client is a prime example of finding a solution that really fit their needs. Even though most manufacturers implement Business Essentials, they required more and are now seeing the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management.

By The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

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