5 Reasons You Should Think Twice About Self-Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)

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When you make an investment in something as large as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, the sticker shock can sometimes make you lose sight of why you were investing in the first place.  After making the investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX some companies contemplate different ways to ‘save’ and consider doing the implementation themselves.  While in theory this seems like an ok workaround, the reality is that you will ultimately be setting yourself up to encounter the number 1 biggest issue with ERP solutions – failure of successful implementation.

Reasons why it’s hard to successfully self-implement Microsoft Dynamics AX:

  1. The learning curve for Dynamics AX is really steep.  While it is feasible to bring resources up to speed during a project to the point where they can contribute, having them lead the charge on any module will not work unless they have deep working knowledge of the software as well as the functional area.
  2. There really are 60 ways to do everything in Dynamics AX and if you take the wrong path and don’t understand the downstream implications you could have some real long term issues.
  3. Data migration is much tougher and complex than one would think. It’s a very important part of any implementation and likely requires an experienced developer resource to manage and provide guidance.
  4. You won’t have time.  In 90% of situations the user does not have a completely dedicated project team.  This means they are trying to get the 8 hours a day of work done in whatever time they have left after their current job.  Not good enough.
  5. Not enough access to the Partner and User community on your own.  You won’t be able to get access to additional specialized resources as easily to help you manage the transition, education, and training your team will need.


In order to make the most of your investment, choose a Dynamics AX Partner who will work with you to create a mutual and comprehensive understanding of the project objectives, the implementation, training and development plans and methodologies, as well as the project coordination requirements.

Your Partner should have established project methodologies which span both the development and implementation of applications and custom developed solutions. They should also be able to incorporate Microsoft’s Dynamics Sure Step Methodologies which is appropriately phased to help manage change within the organization as well as the implementation of the new system.

Your Partner's project management focus with the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology should be to create a project implementation plan that allows your team members to digest the information being presented (e.g. new system functionality, business processes aligned, or enhancing the “to be” processes) and manage the learning curve your organization will be faced with.  With a Dynamics AX Partner guided implementation of Dynamics AX you will be able to leverage the business process gains of AX and have access to ongoing training and support to create an environment that your senior business leaders have envisioned.

*Download The Benefits of Microsoft Sure Step for Customers created by Nucleus Research for further proof of the benefits of working with a Partner who uses this implementation approach.

By Encore Business Solutions, Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and GP Experts.

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