3 Business Challenges ERP Can Solve for Your Company

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Looking for areas in your business operations where you can capture more profit by improving productivity, streamlining processes, and lowering costs? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed to equip your company to achieve those objectives.

What is the purpose of ERP?

If each department inside a company has its own software system that does not mesh with the software used by the other departments, you’re going to experience issues that impede information flow and analysis, employee productivity, and sales growth. The purpose of ERP is to eliminate this constraint on your company’s success by linking together the software of each department (finance, HR, marketing, logistics, etc.) into a seamlessly integrated system that equips your team to more easily and efficiently capture, manage, and share business critical information across all business units.

What can ERP do for your business?

Here’s a break-down of three key business challenges, the impact on your operations, and how ERP solves each challenge.

Challenge #1: Disparate, stand-alone software systems

Business Impact:

  • Incomplete, often inaccurate picture of overall company performance
  • Drain on employee productivity to aggregate and analyze data from each business unit and location
  • Time-lag of performance data that impedes effective planning and proactive decision-making
  • Difficulties in consolidating meaningful and accurate reporting

ERP Solution: Consolidate operational, sales, and financial information across multiple departments, sites and international locations – to provide real-time visibility into business performance spanning your entire organization.


  • Equips you to anticipate trends and make informed decisions
  • Frees employees to focus on more productive tasks
  • Uncovers new profit centers to expand

 Challenge #2: Outdated, manual and paper processes

Business Impact:

  • Inefficient use of employee resources
  • Data entry redundancies
  • Unnecessary paper and hard-copy records storage costs
  • Rate of inaccurate orders beyond tolerable levels
  • Order-to-delivery times longer than competition
  • Excessive inventory

ERP Solution: Streamline processes across all departments and entities involved in successful order-fulfillment.


  • Reduces manual entries – and the payroll cost involved to perform those tasks
  • Saves money and storage space by converting to paperless processes
  • Speeds product delivery times
  • Optimizes inventory levels
  • Maximizes vendor and supplier relationships
  • Cuts down number of chargebacks from inaccurate orders
  • Creates happy, loyal customers

 Challenge #3: Global expansion complicated by software integration issues


  • Risk of non-compliance with various local tax laws
  • Inefficiencies managing complex international customer and vendor relationships
  • Difficulties gathering data to track performance of each new location  and its impact on the company as a whole.

ERP Solution: Integrate local offices and subsidiaries with headquarters systems across multiple entities and borders to enable shared services, planning, and budgeting.


  • Customizes for local requirements, while meeting enterprise-wide needs for data consolidation, tracking, and analysis
  • Simplifies compliance by managing local tax, regulatory, and market requirements with multisite, multi-language, and multi-currency capabilities
  • Defines enterprise-wide standards thus enabling the system to scale quickly to support new locations, geographies, and industries

 What are your most pressing business challenges?

To learn more about how the right ERP software can solve those challenges, contact ERT Group at 954-825-0888.

Enterprise Resources Technology Group, Inc. (ERT Group) is a technology consulting firm that empowers companies to grow and succeed with business solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity, and squeeze more profit from operations. ERT Group is a Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a 2010 President’s Club member for Microsoft Dynamics – offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

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