Outgrowing QuickBooks or Struggling with Disparate Systems?

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Are you struggling with disparate systems that require manual rekeying of information for key reporting items, or a system that creates an unstable and unreliable environment with frequent system crashes? Is your organization outgrowing QuickBooks?

Celleration, a member of the highly regulated Life Sciences industry, was using a combination of QuickBooks and Excel for their accounting solution, where much of their key reporting was done by rekeying information into spreadsheets. In addition to rekeying information from QuickBooks into Excel, Celleration also had a large volume of data in QuickBooks, which was creating an unstable and unreliable environment, and would often cause system crashes at critical times. Celleration needed an integrated ERP solution that offered complete traceability and improved business processes.

Learn how OTT, Inc., and Microsoft Dynamics GP provided Celleration with a solution that would meet the needs of their organization now and into the future. View the full case study to learn more.

By OTT, Inc., a leading St. Paul Microsoft Dynamics GP and CRM Partner

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