Material Tracking Systems – Sometimes Smaller is Better than Bigger

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It’s true for some fresh water fish, certainly true for laptops, and almost always true for luggage that you are carrying on a trip.
Also true for the price, complexity, and implementation of a materials tracking system, as opposed to its warehouse management system [WMS] counterpart. The WMS world fits large wholesale distributors and fairly complicated storage services, but if you don’t want to spend in excess of $20,000 for a Warehouse Management System, and yet need to track some materials, then a wireless, web-based materials tracking system could be just right for you.
Smaller systems in this range offer a lot of bang for the buck, and don’t take long to implement either. Implementation is measured in hours verses weeks, and sometimes months, for the larger WMS.
Commands are simple, too. Who has trouble with understanding basic commands like Putaway, Find, Use Up, and other basic, simple commands your resources can learn in minutes? The more advanced systems allow you to use your own words for Command labels. For Example, in your business, Find might be Get, and Putaway might be Store.
Add the convenience of being web-based and user alert options, and your small investment in a Wireless Tracking System [WTS] can pay big dividends.
The only caution is that your business requirements cannot be overly complicated. If you don’t need a rocket ship, and a well-appointed Chevy will do, then look into the WTS world for some solid help.
And yes, Michigan-based AIM Computer Solutions has just such a system: RapidTrak™. For more information, call Jerry Czernel at (586) 202-1677 or email me at AIM is a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner.

by AIM Computer Solutions, a Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner

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