Inventory Management Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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At Commerce Systems Group we focus alot on inventory for a our mid-size businesses clients in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Kentucky.  If you're tasked with managing inventory and costing, you know it's not as simple as making sure numbers line up on a spreadsheet.

The considerations seem never-ending:

  • You have to be confident in your inventory's accuracy.
  • You have to set costing methods according to business requirements.
  • And to top it all off you have to find some management software that can wrangle all that into a manageable system.

Many give up at a certain level of complexity, thinking that there's a limit to what a system can handle. That used to be the case, but with the inventory module for Microsoft Dynamics GP, you'll have amazing control of inventory cost and quantity control.

Here's a high-level view of some of the options you'll have.

When it comes to inventory items, you'll be able to designate them with actual perpetual cost, standard periodic cost, or average cost, with first in first out (FIFO) or last in first out (LIFO) options. Additionally, individual items can be tracked by lot, serial number, or simply not tracked at all – and that's through purchasing or producing.

You can also designate items as made, bought, or have it depend on your manufacturing constraints at any given time. It goes deeper than that, too. Say you mark an item as a made item. You can further define that item as made to stock, made to order silent (which uses any pre-set system defaults), or made to order manual, which prompts for information when a given sales order is taken.

This is just a taste of the depth and breadth of customizability in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Even if you have a particular manufacturing or inventory complexity you didn't see mentioned here, odds are Dynamics GP has you covered. With Dynamics GP, you'll be able to improve efficiency, profitability, and cut costs by automating all those pesky exceptions that generally have to be handled manually.

By Commerce Systems Group, Kentucky Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner with offices also in Virginia.

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