ERP Software Trends for 2011: Social Media Integration and Facebook-ization of ERP

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As we begin the new year, predictions about the upcoming climate of the ERP market are popping up all over the Internet.  While some focus on the heated competition of major enterprise players, one in particular stood out in its prediction that the "Facebook-ization" of ERP software would be the hot trend.

This article, Like It or Not, Here Comes the Facebook-ization of ERP,  the author recounts how ERP software vendors tend to pick up on the latest software fads, and social networking (or social media in general) is among the top trends for 2011.  He makes a clear distinction between two types of social media integration.  One involves creating a social media plugin or interface for the ERP software that operates independently of any outside service.  The other would entail linking the ERP software with LinkedIn, Facebook, or other sites.

The latter idea, he says, is dangerous and could potentially leak sensitive company information.  It also blurs the line between personal life (or even personal business) and work for many employees. 

The first scenario, creating an internal social media component, is something that could work well for many companies and something that Microsoft has already infused in its product line with Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint integration.  Collaboration is the main objective, and Microsoft already accomplishes this very well.

As we usher in the new year, companies that are looking to create some type of social media climate for their employees may turn to a vendor that already has a successful track record with collaborative ERP, rather than one trying to play catch up and squeeze in a malformed plugin.

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2 thoughts on “ERP Software Trends for 2011: Social Media Integration and Facebook-ization of ERP”

  1. The question we keep asking ourselves is: Is this something our customers and potential customers will actually use and value? After asking around to manufacturers and performing research, the resounding answer was no. They still either don't know or don't understand the capabilities of social media in their companies. Wonder if this is indicative of the market? Is there actually a substantial demand for social media componenets at this time or is it mostly hype?

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