Why 2011 is the Year for Your Company to Invest in Microsoft Dynamics

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The start of the year always brings the promise of growth and profits for businesses of all sizes.  Optimism for the coming year is no different.  We are all looking forward to renewed growth and prosperity in the business sector.  What we’d like to focus on this month is why now is the time to implement the ERP system that will help you through the next economic growth cycle. 

Traditionally companies are slow to react to economic changes resulting in knee jerk, untimely decisions.  How they view their ERP systems is usually no different, waiting until the pain is too great to take.  System crashes, databases busting at the seams, bad data, and bad processes all lead to poor customer service and businesses being at a competitive disadvantage.  Now more than ever, businesses need an advantage over the competition.  Whether your focus is improving customer service or fine tuning your bottom line to competitively price goods and services, Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions can help you do just that.

If your focus is professional services the Microsoft Dynamics SL application has a robust project accounting suite that can fit the bill.  Whether you are a specialty contractor or an architectural design firm, you have to provide your customers accurate and flexible billings.  You must give your customers information as they need to see it.  Built on the VB.Net platform, Microsoft Dynamics SL is a flexible solution that gives you the tools to put you ahead of your competitors.  With endless billing and costing options, you will know if your projects are profitable and can adjust proactively to avoid on-going issues.  With fully integrated web based time entry, your employees can spend more time working on projects rather than  filling out time sheets.

What if you are a Manufacturer or Distributor?  The Microsoft Dynamics GP solution can give your company a competitive edge in many ways.  First and foremost is the ability to have an accurate product cost.  Knowing what you have and what its value is allows you to minimize costs associated with inventory.  Knowing what products are moving and which ones aren’t is vital to your success.  But it doesn’t stop there, providing top notch customer service is crucial to customers choosing you over the competition.  Fast, flexible ordering gets your customers taken care of quickly.  Robust pick, pack, and ship options get the product out the door more quickly and into the hands of customers.  Complete order history reporting helps you know where you are successful and what customers need your attention.

Regardless of the industry, businesses have one thing in common.  Management reporting is key to viewing and analyzing the business as a whole.  Microsoft’s Management Reporter and FRx give you complete insight to your financial data that allows you to make quick, relevant business decisions and adjust to trends rather than trying to avert disasters. 

In the end it is all about business success and the Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions will give your company all of the tools to finish 2011 stronger than you have started it.

By Associate Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, and CRM partner serving KS MO IA NE

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