Tell Me the Date of Your Last Backup

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If you can’t recall the date you last backed up your ERP/accounting and other financial data, you could find yourself attempting to recreate weeks or months of data. One of those pesky IT tasks that is easily forgotten (generally due to complacency) is checking the last backup. It’s very easy to be complacent thinking you’re covered – that if your server goes down or if a user accidently deletes the wrong data from an application – you can easily find and recover data. All too often we (accidently) find that the regularly scheduled backups have not been taking place. Many times the cause is something trivial – changing a password, disabling an account, or failing to start a Windows service.  Regardless of the cause, complacency – failure to check that a backup ran – can result in permanently lost data (and lost jobs!). 

Many backup programs have a feature to email a backup report to a user (or group of users). Take advantage of it! A “Best Practice” is to set up an email distribution group consisting of more than one individual. That way, if one person is not available, others still receive (and hopefully review!) the report. And maintaining the email distribution group is easy. Should a new person come on board – simply add his email address to the group. Should someone leave the group, it is easy to replace his email address with someone else’s. 

Don’t be caught unaware – be sure you know what is happening with your backups. It’s the lifeblood of your business.

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by Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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