Smooth Warehouse Workflow with Advanced Distribution

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For many distributors the complexity of their pick, pack, and ship process has outpaced their supporting systems.  Multiple warehouses and increasing inventory items require additional controls to ensure accurate order fulfillment.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Distribution tracking the status of inventory items as they flow from order to invoice is easy. Fulfillment orders provide the structure to track Orders, Quotes, or Backorders that give greater insight into the warehouse status of line items of an order.  

Workflow that ensures no order is left behind

Workflows support fulfillment orders through the entire pick, pack, and ship process including confirmations to double check throughout the process.  Controls include the typical sales processes, such as  printing the pick ticket, picking the goods, printing the packing slip, packing, shipping the goods, and invoicing the customer.  You can set up up to 6 workflows.

Processes that fit your organization

Set up workflow to meet your unique sales process and fulfillment needs. The six status steps can be named using your industry or organization naming conventions and unnecessary steps can be skipped.  You can also:

  • Roll document status backwards to the prior tracked status for a single document or a group of documents.
  • Define a new sales process hold that stops sales workflow advancement.
  • Allow adjustments to multiple orders, automatically allocating stock to backorder line items when stock is available to allocate.

By automating the fulfillment and invoicing processes you reduce data entry as quotes, back orders, and orders move through the pick, pack, and ship process. Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Distribution automates those processes to save you time and ensure customer satisfaction by reducing errors. 

To find out how you can improve the workflow in your warehouse, contact Gary at or 866-960-0001 x207.  KTL Solutions helps distributors like yours pick, pack, and ship better.

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2 thoughts on “Smooth Warehouse Workflow with Advanced Distribution”

  1. Everyone wants hassle free services for smooth warehouse workflow with advanced distribution. I have read your words here, you did a great job. Really Impressive information. At the end, I have to ask, how do you improve your warehouse services.

  2. A typical warehouse stars with receiving orders from Customers to picking of the goods and end in Invoicing. How do you still improve the warehouse work flows process even when invoices are received from customers before the products are dispatched to them

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