Saving Money with Remote Implementations of Dynamics GP

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Increased stability of hardware and operating systems has given rise to a money saving trend: Implementations of accounting software delivered 100% remotely.  Gone are the days requiring technicians to work onsite, in the client’s office, in order to install and train personnel on a new accounting software program.  Instead, the engagement with the VAR can be executed entirely by remote access and be both efficient and effective.

This has advantages for both parties in the areas of time savings and operating efficiency.  For the client, whenever time is saved, billing fees will be less.  Travel time and per diem charges are eliminated.  Since the technician is working where there is access to all necessary tools, setup time is reduced and in some cases can be eliminated resulting in less billable time.  For the technician eliminating travel time and onsite logistics results in more efficient use of time and in increasing project completions, thus more billing fees.  It’s a win/win for both.

There is also less business interruption under the remote model.  When working onsite the technician must move from office to office and desk to desk.  This seems like exercise but is oftentimes unproductive and can also be intrusive for the client.  The client is displaced from his work center which is a disruption especially if there is no place close to relocate.  In contrast, the remote model allows the client to remain productive at his work center on non-computer tasks.

When a green initiative has been instituted by a software manufacturer, as with Microsoft for example, the immediate availability for remote download of all product releases, patches, and updates gives the technician instant access to all that’s needed for a successful implementation.  This efficiency is particularly true in Microsoft’s case because the same delivery model is used for add-ins and updates for other programs like operating systems and databases,etc. that integrate the programs.  This eliminates the need for the media containing installation files to be collected onsite and  inserted into DVD drives by someone.  This results in time and cost savings for all.

Last, but certainly not least, is the stability factor of the accounting or ERP software itself.  The software needs to install and run with minimal errors.  It needs to be well tested and robust in order to perform well and predictably in many different network configurations and be customizable for the endless variety of company configurations.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is just such a program.  In addition to having a long heritage as a top selling program with roots spanning decades, it is well known for being put through enormous transaction processing loads during testing in a huge room full of servers at their offices in Fargo, N.D.  The result is a program that can be implemented and maintained relatively easily and totally remotely by companies that have developed the proper remote delivery skills.

bSolutions is just such a company.  The skills needed to deliver ERP software systems and services remotely and properly are highly specialized and need to be time tested.  bSolutions has been implementing Dynamics 100% remotely since 2006 and understands what it takes to make it successful, with over 30 implementations using this model.  For more information please visit our website.

by bSolutions, your Oklahoma Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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