How E-Commerce Can Enhance Microsoft Dynamics GP

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There can be a lot of planning and complexity when it comes to the idea of trying to integrate an e-commerce system with an ERP system. An approach that combines e-commerce and an ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP can play a huge role in facilitating the business processes as well as increasing your ability to sell online. Nowadays it is not uncommon for customers and suppliers to request the same type of information employees have access to through their company enterprise resource planning (ERP) system —such as payment history, order status, and inventory catalogs —the only catch is they want access to this information anywhere at any time. This is where an integrated e-commerce platform can help suppliers see product catalogs, make orders, and check transactions anytime over the web, and add to greater site usability and time savings.

For example, let’s say a company wants to provide, descriptions, stock availability, and quantity on hand for certain items in Microsoft Dynamics GP displayed and reflected on their web store; with direct SQL reading and writing all of these scenarios are possible. By bringing these two systems together, it allows the ability for users to make changes in one database and have those changes automatically updated across the other system, saving time and reducing duplicate entry errors that can plague manual double order entry processes. Under a system like this, you can manage information better and create more opportunities to sell more products, giving your customers access to the information they want when they want it.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is just one example of how an organization was able to overcome logistical challenges and find business in new markets by combining e-commerce with their Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system. As a leading provider of sheet music, books, and hymns, the not-for-profit company needed a way to show over 6,000 items in its product catalog to its B2B customers in other countries around the globe. Using Azox E-Commerce solutions, all inventory that was stored in Microsoft Dynamics GP is now published in real-time to their E-Commerce storefront showing the items, prices, and descriptions. In addition to placing orders, customers can now view all options, check for availability, track their orders, and print their own invoices online at anytime. The Salvation Army has  been able to solve a big challenge and now has the ability to reach new markets. Read the full case study and learn how The Salvation Army enhanced their ERP system with B2B e-commerce solutions from Azox.

Are you interested in taking your business online and enhancing Microsoft Dynamics GP? As a Microsoft Managed ISV, Azox focuses on providing E-Commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting software. Contact us and learn more about how Azox software can help integrate your e-commerce with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Azox Inc. - E-Commerce Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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