How Do I Know if Hosted/Cloud ERP is Right for Us?

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As technology has grown and developed, the options for your business and financial management software have multiplied.  Now you not only have to consider which solution is right for your business, but which deployment method would be most beneficial.  When it comes to ERP software deployment, there are three main options you need to choose from:

  • On-premise: You host your own data on your own hardware
  • Partner-hosted:  Your data is hosted in your ERP partner’s cloud and accessible via the web
  • Vendor-hosted:  Your data is hosted in the software vendor’s cloud and accessible via the web

Because these three options can be a driving force in which ERP software solution you select, figuring out which deployment type best fits your organization can be a critical first step in the software selection process. 

If you need some assistance in assessing which option is best for your business, consider participating in a Cloud Impact Assessment (CIA) to give you a jump start on understanding the complexities of the cloud computing ecosystem while providing you with a process-centric analysis of how moving to the cloud would impact your organization.  By taking a strategically streamlined approach and evaluating the best course of action for your individual organization, a CIA from Socius can help you maximize the benefits and reduce the risk associated with selecting and implementing a cloud ERP solution. 

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By Socius, an ERP Software Partner in Ohio, California, and Kansas City

1 thought on “How Do I Know if Hosted/Cloud ERP is Right for Us?”

  1. As a business company using a lot of new technology software we feel cloud computing could be vulnerable to security breaches, with security still a big issue and outages for online connections this would leave companies dead in the water if the connection went down and leave online data vunerable to hack attack

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