CAL Business Solutions 2010 Year in Review: Top Ten ERP Software Blog Posts

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2010 was a busy year for Connecticut based Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, CAL Business Solutions. We launched a new corporate website  at, won four awards (including Microsoft Dynamics Northeast Partner of the Year) and posted 43 blog articles focused on educating ERP and accounting software buyers. Are you interested in what topics ERP Software buyers found the most interesting in 2010? Check out our top 10 posts:

1.        Why Microsoft Dynamics GP Users Can Look Ahead to Convergence 2011 Back in Atlanta

What happens with 8,500 Microsoft Dynamics customers, partners and employees take over Atlanta? A whole lot of learning and even more fun.  This weekend Atlanta hosted the 14th US Microsoft Dynamics Convergence event.  The 8,500 attendees included customers using Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM, SL, AX and NAV.  Plus Microsoft partners like us, from CAL Business Solutions, and Microsoft Dynamics employees. And of course the more than 200 ISV partners that participated in a giant expo tradeshow to show their products to the community.

 2.        Big Bang, Phased Rollout, Or Parallel Adoption – Tell Us What Flavor Of ERP Implementation Works For You!

Have you been involved in an ERP implementation? Was it successful? Our fellow blogger, Houston Neal from Software Advice for Manufacturing, wants to hear from you! He is hosting a survey to find out which implementation strategies are the most popular and most successful. He will collect results over the next two weeks and we will present his findings towards the end of the month. 

 3.        A Guide to Microsoft Acronyms from the Dynamics GP 2010 Launch Event

At a recent Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 launch event for Microsoft partners I heard this clear statement, “If you do a LMT from MBL to BRL in GP, BP becomes DCO in AM but not BE”. Say what??

 4.        9 Interview Questions to Choose the Right ERP Software Data Center Hosting Provider

The latest buzz in the ERP software world is “cloud computing” (aka “software as a service/SAAS”  or “hosting”).  Basically this means that a data center, separate from your location, installs and maintains your software on their servers and you access it securely over the Internet.  There are a lot of companies out there that are eager to host your Microsoft Dynamics GP software – but who can you really trust with this precious system that is really the backbone of your business?

 5.        Would You Pay $1 For 3 User Licenses For Microsoft Dynamics GP Software?

Since you will normally pay at least $6,750 for these same 3 users that is quite a bargain!  Microsoft just announced an amazing new “Three Users for $1” promotion.  Until June 25, 2010 new Microsoft Dynamics GP customers can get up to 3 user licenses of either the Business Essentials edition (normal price $2250 per user) or Advanced Management edition (normal price $3980 per user) for just $1.00 USD.  So essentially, if you need 1, 2, or 3 users you get the software for free;  (anything that costs less than a cup of coffee is basically free in my book.)  If you need extra users you pay for those, but you have still saved a big chunk of cash.

 6.        Sneak Peek Statistics From Upcoming 2010 ERP Benchmark Study

A well known independent consulting group will soon release their 2010 ERP Benchmark report that polls over 2000 organizations.  While these reports generally focus on findings for large companies and large Tier 1 implementations, I still think there is great value in analyzing the findings for the small and midmarket companies we work with too.

 7.        263% More Companies Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software

The Microsoft FY10 fiscal year just closed at the end of June, and what a year it was!  With the almost unbelievable “3 users for $1” discount offered by Microsoft, CAL Business Solutions saw a 263% increase in the number of new customers that bought Microsoft Dynamics GP this year versus last year.   Since the promotion was announced in the fourth quarter of the Microsoft fiscal year, CAL was able to help 16 companies, most of them located in Connecticut, take advantage of the discount.  This was a savings of up to $11,939 off the regular price of Dynamics GP software for each customer.

 8.        How many companies use Microsoft Dynamics GP and more fun Microsoft Dynamics Trivia

Do you know how many companies use Microsoft Dynamics GP? Or which countries can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM?  How about the number of NFL teams who use Dynamics GP?  Find out all that and more and submit your own random Dynamics trivia.

 9.        Migrate Data From Peachtree & QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP Fast and Easy

Microsoft just released a new version 2.0 of the Rapid Implementation Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0! This release includes NEW capabilities to quickly migrate data from both Peachtree by Sage and Intuit QuickBooks.  What does this mean for accounting software buyers like you?  If you are using Peachtree or QuickBooks, and you choose a Dynamics GP partner who is familiar with these tools, it can help reduce the implementation hours for routine implementation services such as data migration and system configuration.

 10.     4 Questions to Ask To Lower the Cost of Accounting Software User Licenses

When you are trying to determine the price of accounting software there are 4 questions to ask your accounting software vendor or VAR.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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