What is Coming in Microsoft GP 2010 R2?

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I was going through my email this afternoon and came across a posting about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2 that is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2011. So naturally I was interested in learning more about the newest features of this upcoming release and what value it can offer to clients of GP.

This is what information I found on the newest features from the MSDN GP Blog, and thought I would share it.

Enhancing insight into role-specific information through an improved user interface and personalized dashboards, quickly delivering information that’s relevant to the actions people are taking or the information they are viewing
Making it easier to complete tasks with improved approval workflow and electronic signature capabilities, helping people save time while managing compliance and helping to reduce fraud
Extending connections through Fact Boxes and Action Shortcuts, which are now connected with Microsoft Lync 2010 instant messaging windows, bringing information about the people who are chatting and their companies to the user’s fingertips

by Saratoga Technologies, Tennessee Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 thoughts on “What is Coming in Microsoft GP 2010 R2?”

  1. Brian, there are alot of things that are different and easier in CRM 2011, but there was a terminology change as well. In CRM 2011 workflows are referred to as processes.

    In these processes they are split into 2 main categories of functionality. The first is workflows (like you are used to) and the second is called dialogs. The dialogs now allow great features such as call scripting, or gathering specific information about an encounter, much, much easier.

    In workflows, you can now additionally prompt users for input while the workflow is running and store that as a variable. This is something that wasn't possible in the previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but opens up a wide new array of things you can do with the platform.

    You can also create your own custom activity types that are important as well so you aren't bound to the out of box types in previous versions.

    Plus in CRM 2011 they have the support for custom workflow activities, so you can build in whatever workflow activities you want, but this isn't fully available yet in the online release, but they are working on it.

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