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Are you worried about the steps, reports, and documents you need to process for "Year-End Closing"?  Does your current system have handy checklists to step you through the process?  Does your vendor provide straightforward "How-To Close the Year" documentation?  Does your company have a relationship with a consulting firm who can quickly get you through these processes, even with requirement changes for 1099 and W2 reporting if you do need additional help?  If you were running Microsoft Dynamics GP and your partner was Collins Computing, then you would be well taken care of, along with all of our other existing customers!

Each year Collins Computing provides a FREE "Year-End closing Webcast" to all of our customers to take them step-by-step thru any reporting changes, software updates for any form or code changes, payroll tax update uploads, tips in closing quickly and completely, and enhancements available for the software they already own.  We also provide a booklet describing the steps covered in the Webcast.

We conducted our FREE webcast yesterday, then provided the complete Webcast notes and a reminder of the key "TIPS" and "REMINDERS" for our customers.  Here is a PREVIEW of the information our customers received:

  1. The Year End Update for 2010 contains changes for 1099’s too – NOT just Payroll W2 forms!  (see page 8).
  2. Visit our Collins Customer Portal for other webcasts for our existing customers.  The next one in January will cover 1099 (AP) reporting for 2011. 
  3. The Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting module within Microsoft Dynamics GP now has a Year-End option to consolidate balances (done DURING GL year end close).  BUT it does need setup – see pages (30-33).
  4. The FIRST Payroll TAX Update for 2011 will be ready next Thursday, Dec 16th (Page 7).
  5. Meet us at Microsoft's Annual Customer Conference -  Convergence 2011 in April in Atlanta, GA (Page 3).
  6. Greenshades Software is available for electronic filing and emailing forms to employees and 1099 forms (Page 12).
  7. Review our Inventory “How To” document on Physical Stock Counts (pages 15-16).
  8. Closing steps covered in the attached document are Payroll, Inventory, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting and General Ledger.
  9. Please verify with your IT department that they have the  SQL Database Maintenance routines described on Page 38.
  10. Take a look at the longest list ever of the current Microsoft Dynamics Customer Promotions, including the new Tools promotion available thru Dec 27th! (Page 39).
  11. Reminder to Book Time NOW for Assistance with Year-End Closing, to be sure you don't miss your deadlines.  Contact one of our consultants or our customer support desk.

Do you get this kind of information from your Software Vendor or ERP Consulting Partner?  If not, contact Collins Computing today to make sure your company is well taken care of this Year End!

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc., Gold Certified (Inner Circle) Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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