Which is More Important When Looking for ERP Software Today – Price or Differentiation?

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I read an entry on an enterprise blog today arguing weather, with the economic culture being as it is,  companies are truly interested in finding those nuggets of features in a product that differentiate them from the competition, or do they just want a good, basic product they can grow with, offered at a reasonable or low price?

I do believe that although other ERP systems may be able to utilize the same tools, servers, and overall technology as Microsoft Dynamics products enjoy, they also face these rough economic conditions.  As the other blog entry pointed out, being inside Microsoft’s four walls means that although Microsoft Dynamics could be considered an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) itself, they have key access to resources, beta access to products, and direct insight that surpass everyone else.

That means that integrations are released quickly and new features are intuitive to the way the office products natively work, so people can quickly take advantage of the features without extended training.

So for the other half of the question, price or differentiation, once we  get past the bells and whistles, the customer does want to be reassured that the price is fair, and even lower than ever before. 

Well, Microsoft has definitely stepped up in the price competition.  With more promotions, free trial periods, and financing options, Microsoft allows businesses to start using Microsoft Dynamics ERP products while only minimally impacting their current budgets.  Collins Computing can talk thru these multiple ways to purchase Microsoft Dynamics ERP at a discount, with any prospect.  We also consistently inform existing customers of the numerous offers  Microsoft extends to them throughout the year, (an unprecedented number currently available).

What do we believe companies want today? We believe they want BOTH fabulous prices AND key differentiators when selecting their software.  These are two of the primary reasons we have selected to resell Microsoft Dynamics for over 16 years.  We then extend those characteristics with our unsurpassed services, expert consultants, and proven success to establish one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics resellers in the Western United States.

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Collins Computing, Inc.,New Mexico Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

3 thoughts on “Which is More Important When Looking for ERP Software Today – Price or Differentiation?”

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  2. Customer want to be reassured that the price is fair, and even lower than ever before. Features of erp systems are almoust equal .

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