How to Ensure that Your Data is Secure Online with ERP Software

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With escalating privacy regulations and government compliance mandates, many businesses must address their data privacy issues first before streamlining their core business operations through Software as a Service. Although inexpensive and easy to update, it is not worth risking your business security.

ERP software systems with strong identity management functionality are critical to delivering security gateways to private data and business intelligence while working through the internet framework and the relationship and collaboration with users. Many small and medium sized businesses implement SaaS based ERP systems because of their affordability, low upfront costs, and their ability to optimize operations and cut costs. However, even if they deliver these benefits, ERP software systems can’t deliver whatis expected if your data is unsecure.

Companies big and small are all faced with the issues of data security threats. The problem is so huge that the data security business is now a $5 billion industry in the US alone and the resources required from businesses to address their data security issues are a significant cost burden. The largest opportunity to mitigate data security weaknesses are in businesses operating with a large portion of manual data entry and processing activity. To address this challenge, ERP software solutions with identity management modules can provide valuable tools to automate business processes that will not only dramatically reduce security threats but with the same stroke will also provide the added benefits of increased information accuracy, speed, and productivity for your organization.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP has advanced security modules that manage roles-based user security quickly and effectively with powerful, easy-to-use tools that simplify configuration and management processes, yet provide high levels of protection for your system. We here at Rimrock Corporation are dedicated to the total satisfaction of our clients and we absolutely exceed expectations on every project.

By Rimrock Corporation, Ontario Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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