Dynamics GP 2010 R2 - Microsoft is Walking the Walk

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Microsoft has recently announced the upcoming release of GP 2010 R2.  This release, due in the first half of 2011, continues the aggressive track that Microsoft is on to add functionality and usability that continue to set them apart from the competition.

This is certainly a case of Microsoft “walking the walk” and not just “talking the talk”.  For some time Microsoft has said their priorities include tighter integration of all their solutions (the so-called “Microsoft stack”).  They’ve also promised easier and better insight into the valuable data within your ERP system.  Well answer the door, because they’ve delivered.  And they have really raised the bar with Release 2 for Dynamics GP 2010.

Some of the key features you can expect:

  • Further build out of reports-- totaling 400 Excel or SQL Reporting Services reports and 600 Report Writer Reports.
  • Improved interface and further enhanced role-based user approach, including tailored dashboards that provide personalized Business Intelligence.
  • Improved workflow.
  • Additional connections to their instant messaging tools now rebranded under their Unified Communications solution Microsoft Lync.
  • Fact Boxes and Action Shortcuts—two handy little tools that allow you to see information about the people you are chatting with real-time.

I have to admit that my knee-jerk reaction was to think why would I want an integration between Instant Messaging and Dynamics GP?  But then I think about the initial perceptions of such wild ideas as the internet, e-mail, and cell phones.  Seriously – a phone that you carry around with you all the time? We use IM more and more in our business environment.  So why not tie in that instant communication to your ERP system?  Imagine seeing real-time information or being able to enter an order from an IM!

We are still a ways away from the release, so the details are still emerging.  But for a mid-version release, it appears that Microsoft will add some significant features to Dynamics GP and continue to walk the walk they have been preaching.

Submitted by Indiana Dynamics GP Partner Crestwood Associates LLC.

1 thought on “Dynamics GP 2010 R2 - Microsoft is Walking the Walk”

  1. Hello,

    Good to see that Microsoft is improving Lync integration in GP 22010 R2. Our company is both a GP partner and Windows Communication partner and we see this as very "thinking ahead" by Microsoft.

    Don't think of it as just IM. Let's say you are on an sales order in GP and at a glance, RIGHT one the invoice you can, you can see if the person that placed that order is available right now. And then with one click start an IM, VoiceCall, or even desktop share with them! (and more types of connection as they are invented.)


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