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While working within your accounting system, how often do you say “I really could use more data fields in this window.”?  You might also think “I have this great accounting system, but a good portion of my necessary data is plastered across my desk on notepads and sticky notes.”   When you need data, it should always be front and center, right next to the specific item the data is referencing.

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers users the ability to add custom fields in windows they use every day.  For example, let’s say you have a large copier in the supply room.  It is obviously a critical fixed asset, since your employees use it several times a day.  Occasionally the copier requires maintenance or another type of attention, but sometimes we can’t always remember which office person is the “copier expert.”  Rather than scramble through a desk drawer looking for the name of the “copier expert,” GP users can add the name right into the Fixed Asset window.

Using a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution called Extender, users can place a new data field where it is needed most.  In the same example, users would simply open the Extender window, select the “Asset Repair and Maintenance” window ID, then add in the desired data field for “Copier Expert.”  Users are not limited to just text, since they can add fields for links to a picture or document related to the specific fixed asset.  Some other benefits of Extender include the ability to build new data entry forms and scrolling grids, as well as link the new data to a report.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of Extender is that users do not need to write a single line of code.  The solution allows users to put the data where they want it, rather than be limited by the predefined form templates.  Most importantly, the new data field will always be there, and can never get lost in a drawer.   Although a world without sticky notes is probably still far off, Extender may get us one step closer.

By: Steve Alvater, RSM McGladrey, New York Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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