An Intro to the Dynamics GP2010 Web Services

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Microsoft Dynamics GP10 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 are both very robust applications out of the box. With Microsoft Dynamics GP you can customize forms and reports easily with tools such as built in user defined fields, or you can create additional screens and fields with other tools such as extender or modifier.

But... What if you wanted to go beyond just adding these simple changes in your GP implementation? What if you needed a way for your technicians in the field to interact with service calls that are scheduled in the field service module of GP from their mobile devices?

This is just one example of how you can bridge your GP implementation using these new web services.

The web services are available for both Dynamics GP and Dynamics GP 2010, and is an easy transition between the two versions as well which is great for companies and the developers that support the services. Another great part about the web services is that it isn't proprietary development technology such as other Microsoft GP platforms like Dexterity or San script.

So why is this important? This means that now developers who have knowledge of the .NET platform can build GP applications and it provides a native development experience for them as well, right in Visual Studio.

Another reason to consider web services is for GP implementations that have users performing very specific tasks. The web services can present you with a serious money savings opportunity in your GP implementation, or on annual system renewals by reducing your overall system list price.

For example, you may have users who only need access to input orders into your system or update customer information. The current list price of a Dynamics GP BRL license is about $2280, so your savings can add up quickly if you have alot of these type of users in your organization that need access to certain areas of GP.

By taking advantage of web services and the new DCO Licensing (will focus on this in another article) you can have a simple interface for data entry screens at the same time dropping a user license that isn't needed.

With web services your custom entry screens or other functionality built can extend out into the internet cloud as well so that you could provide secure access from your employees' homes to perform the needed actions.

There is also strong evidence that Microsoft will be pushing lighter client access to Dynamics GP 2010 and beyond with the addition of 83 new web service operations that can be performed in the Dynamics 2010 package. This brings the total of operations to 354 possible functions and climbing!

Based on a recent MSDN blog posting by the Microsoft Dynamics GP Team the goal for web services is to drive higher developer adoption rates by adding new opportunities that have not been available previously to developers of the Dynamics GP platform.

In my opinion they are doing a great job with these web services, and  this puts power in the customers' hands allowing then to extend their implementations to the cloud and beyond!

Nicholas Cole - Saratoga Technologies, Inc., Tennessee Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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