Rocking The Boat of Cash Flow With Dynamics GP

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If you have ever been on a Carnival Cruise for a week, you might know what I’m talking about when you can’t stop rocking for days after you hit land.  I had a conversation with a Microsoft Partner describing the feeling of vertigo, and they could actually picture me rocking back and forth as I walked down a hallway.  As a new member to the ERPSoftwareBlog, I immediately thought this experience would be a great opportunity to create a blog post:  Rocking the Boat of Cash Flow with Dynamics GP and how it relates to balancing incoming and outgoing payments in your business.

No matter what business you’re in, managing cash flow is important to maintain and build success.  With Dynamics GP you have a high level of visibility into your incoming and outgoing payments.  What if there was a way to reduce the variability and unpredictability of cash?

Cruising at 20.67 Knots the boat rocks forward and backwards and from side to side as you inner ear tries to make sense of your equilibrium.  Dynamics GP is your inner ear, and the variance of your cash position is effected by your speed and the waves crashing on the starboard side.  The turbulent winds and the seasonal effects drive you to the waves of opportunity.  Through the dashboards from the Captain’s deck you begin to make sense of the landscape and stir towards stable waters.

Preparing for the next set of waves, you realize your business needs to collect outstanding receivables to offset the extreme riptides of your payables outstanding.  What if you had the opportunity to earn 36% return on your payables by catching a 2% discount by paying vendors within 10 days?  Could this help offset the forecast of your cash position?  Should you offer your customers a discount to pay their bills early and reduce DSO?  This could reduce expenses by diverting financing activities for stability.  What if Dynamics GP was your compass?  With the high level visibility from the Captain's Deck, executives can make decisions that will keep your vessel safe in turbulent waters and keep you balanced.

Contact your local Microsoft Partner and ask to learn about Enliven Software and The FIDESIC Platform.

By Enliven Software, The full circle accounts receivable and accounts payable processing platform within Dynamics GP.

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