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If your company is in the market for a new line of business software I am confident you will spend time reviewing your industry options and specifically the Microsoft Dynamics product line.   Let’s face it; Microsoft has great products and has been driving companies’ technology since 1989, the year Office Suite was released.   Microsoft has been at the forefront of much of our day-to-day world of technology and with their strength and resources in the ERP marketplace it is really hard as a business owner to overlook their products as an option.  There are just too many pluses to working with Microsoft products to ignore the Dynamics line of ERP products.  Over the last 13 years of working with primarily manufacturing and financial services companies I have run across many folks that either love or hate Microsoft.  I am always shocked by the folks that hate Microsoft.  I mean how could you hate a company that has given us so many productivity tools?

Whether you like Microsoft or not, they do have some awesome products and of course at the forefront in my opinion is Dynamics GP for mid-market companies.  If you plan on upgrading your business software please take the time to evaluate at least three software packages including at least one of the Dynamics products: AX, NAV, GP or SL and of course CRM.   Contact reputable partners for the three packages and then evaluate all three with an open mind and with one team.   I am sure that you could ask some of your customers or vendors who they work with to get a good idea of the best software resellers in your area.   Please don’t work with a software reseller, choose the product, and then shop around for the best price unless of course you are buying QuickBooks.  Dynamics resellers spend a lot of time and money being certified on the products to meet Microsoft requirements.  We try to maintain a good reputation within the community so if you plan to shop around for the cheapest reseller, then don’t call me.   I work very hard to ensure we can provide you with the best solution at the best price from the very beginning.  We take our role with Microsoft seriously: Value Added Reseller (VAR).  

Being a VAR with Microsoft has enabled our company (which by the way was founded in 1989) to sell and support hundreds of businesses with exceptional products and services.   Custom Information Services (CIS) sells and implements Dynamics GP and other network related products.  We have certified technicians with all the acronyms and certifications needed to provide not only fixes but true business planning and consulting.  We focus on manufacturing companies, specifically process manufacturing: food, specialty chemical, personal care and just about any industry with a recipe or formula.  However, we have customers in all types of industries some with just complex accounting needs.   

If you care to comment on the information above or have any questions please feel free to contact me at 817-640-0016 x 109 or send me an email

by Custom Information Services, A Texas Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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