GP 2010 - The One Feature You Shouldn't Overlook

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In the recent release of Dynamics GP 2010, Microsoft has added plenty of new features to an already powerful product.  But there is one new feature that may go unnoticed at first, but that I feel is the absolutely best new thing about GP 2010.  The Home Page Metric capabilities have been greatly enhanced!

The previous version of GP (GP 10) provided for enhanced metrics that could be customized as part of an individual’s home page.  But you were limited to a set of pre-defined metrics from which to choose.  In GP 2010, you now use SQL Reporting Services to develop customized metrics.  This greatly expands what you can define as a metric to pretty much anything represented by data in your system.

Why do I see this as so valuable?  There has been a steady trend in mid market ERP solutions to not only focus on getting data into the system, but also how to get data out, how to make it look pretty, and to make it easy to understand.  This focus on information presentation is seen as one of the real value propositions of these systems now and into the future.  By opening up these user specific home page metrics (dashboards, KPIs, etc) to anything in your database, you can map the graphical information presented to the most critical needs of each individual.

Furthermore, there are additional enhancements to what you can with the data in a Home Page metric.  There is now a Drill-through feature that allows you to go from an initial data representation in a report to the more detailed record within GP.  For example, a drill through of a master record will take you back to the respective Edit windows (subject to user security).  Similarly, a drill through of a transaction will take you to that edit or inquiry window for that record, again dependent on the user’s security.  You can create the combination of immediate visual metrics you want with ease, leading to enhanced productivity and better decision making.

Don’t overlook this feature.  Spend some time creating user specific metrics and drill-throughs and see how much it improves your life, and your business.

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Submitted by Indiana Dynamics GP Partner Crestwood Associates LLC.

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