Comparing Dynamics GP Hosting Offerings

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If you spend much time at all searching for Dynamics GP hosting solutions you’ll discover a wide range of prices.  So how do you make sense of it all?  You’re going to have to do some work.  Make sure that you understand the features and benefits of the hosted solution.  Don’t just go for the lowest price.  You’ll discover that you can easily put yourself in a situation where you’ll be charged for every little component; which can quickly add up.  Here are some examples we’ve seen and things to consider:

  • Being charged extra for Office Word and Excel.  Why leave off the rich integration between GP and Office?
  • Being charged extra for a minimum amount of storage.  Check out how much is included in the base fee, and how much it costs to add storage.
  • Extra charges for Adobe Writer in order to easily use the e-mail functionality in Dynamics GP
  • Being restricted to only access your system from your office.  You should be able to access the system from anywhere.
  • Examine the setup fees to make sure you understand what is covered.  Does it cover installing 3rd party products, service packs, etc?  Do you have access to the sample company in Dynamics GP?  Does it include SQL Server Reporting Services reports and Excel Reports for Dynamics GP?
  • If you require a development environment to develop and test customizations, is that included, or extra?
  • Will you be charged extra for web services for connecting to Business Portal, CRM, or other web applications?
  • Are version upgrades and service pack applications included in the monthly fee?  How does the upgrade work and who is responsible?
  • Do you have a choice between shared and dedicated environments?
  • Find out what happens after the initial contract term is up.  Do the monthly fees change?  Are you able to easily bring the system on-premise if you want?

So, look beyond the initial price to make sure you understand what you’re getting and that it matches your requirements.  And make sure you get the complete price.

By RoseASP, a major provider of hosted Dynamics solutions.

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