3 Ways to Improve Food and Beverage Distribution Customers’ Satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics® GP

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We established 6 specific ways to improve and measure wholesale distribution customer satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics GP in our last two posts. This week, we demonstrate how the Food and Beverage Industry can remove 3 major pain points while measuring and improving customer satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Pain #1- Monitoring and Ensuring Food Safety

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: Reduce food spoilage and lower inventory costs by automating product tracking and tracing from the supplier to the retailer. For example, by using the Available To Promise (ATP) feature in Inventory Control of Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can ensure the right product gets to the right customer in a timely fashion. Provide superior customer service by ensuring food safety while reducing your spoilage and inventory costs:

Pain #2- Low Profit Margins

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: Get more information—with less effort—by connecting multiple data sources, such as ISV applications or custom fields. For example, Action Panes are task specific command bars that appear across all navigation lists, making it easy for your employees to sort and filter records, as well as perform multiple tasks from within a single window enhancing their efficiency and increasing your company’s profit per employee. Provide exceptional customer service based on superior information with reduced staff while raising your profit margin.

Pain #3- Keeping up with Market Trends

The Microsoft Dynamics GP Solution: Stay ahead of the game and enhance your responsiveness through real-time reports and alerts for management and retailers. For example, the Microsoft Dynamics GP customizable dashboard with drill down capabilities quickly delivers the critical data that helps your employees make accurate decisions. Provide for your customers’ needs and quickly adapt to your market’s trends:

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By Gloria Braunschweig with Computeration, a Pacific Northwest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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