New Trends in ERP and CRM Software Selection

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By Jim Hickey, Altico Advisors

As vice-president of a company that is a Microsoft partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Dynamics CRM, I’m in a position to look beyond the software applications and see the bigger picture.  And I can tell you that we are witnessing a growing trend in how companies are approaching the ERP & CRM software selection process.  Companies are abandoning the traditional process of creating a short list of vendors, providing an RFP and sitting through countless software demonstrations. In its place companies are following a process that aligns the following factors:

  • Client industry competitive landscape and market trends
  • Strategic objectives of their business with key business metrics
  • Core business drivers
  • Economic value

The reasons for the shift are fairly straightforward. First, the maturation of ERP and CRM applications is such that core functionality is safely assumed. Second, the above approach results in key business metrics which provide measurable results. These results are critical in justifying the required investment. Lastly, this shift also reflects a growing trend of companies placing greater value on the local partner who is implementing and supporting the solution than on the solution itself.  

When they choose Altico, the execution of this process is as follows:

  • Conduct a workshop with key members of the management team
  • Develop a strategic solution roadmap that quantifies the positive business impact.

The results of this process allow companies great insight as to whether there is truly any value in undergoing an implementation and determining their critical success factors.  

Submitted by Altico Advisors, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner for Manufacturing and Distribution. Your New Hampshire (NH) Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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