GP 2010 Canadian Payroll, the Shortfall: No Payslips…No Worries!

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In the day and age when going green is all the rage, when we can receive our bills through email, do online banking, why is it still not possible to have an electronic payslip within Microsoft Dynamics GP?

You already understand the advantages to keeping your payroll in-house: keeping confidential information inside the organization and having greater control over your payroll decisions. And since you are fully integrated with your financials this allows you more flexibility with your custom report requirements.  These things ring especially true for Professional Service firms where travel time, overtime,  and special hours are in abundance and changes would be more easily managed internally.

But one of the drawbacks of the Canadian payroll within GP, is that there is no electronic payslip option.  You have one chance to print out your payslip and once they’ve been printed, you should make sure you photocopy them because that’s all you have.  Never mind trying to go back and reprint or double check what was paid, you only have one shot at this.  Pay day is already a stress, why make it worse?

JOVACO Solutions has a payslip fully integrated into Canadian Payroll to help you solve this problem.  This payslip will allow you to review 2 years of past payslips as well as automatically email you the payslips on the day that you choose.  And easy as that, you have just gone paperless and all without the need of any other additional modules within GP.

Maybe in the next version Microsoft won’t forget us Canadians when it comes to Dynamics GP Canadian payroll – maybe we just need to say please, eh?

By JOVACO Solutions, a Quebec-based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

2 thoughts on “GP 2010 Canadian Payroll, the Shortfall: No Payslips…No Worries!”

  1. Hello,
    Sorry that Microsoft has forgotten about our northern neighbors. (Sometimes I think they forget about payroll in general.)

    I have a question. Is it possible to have Canadian & US payroll in the same Dynamics database? We have a client that has some Canadian operations and has made this inquiry.


  2. Yes, this things really helps. No more worries about losing your payslip because this will help you anytime you need a copy of it. Also it can go back years of previous payslips and keeps you on track of it.

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