Too Many Policies and Procedures can be Counterproductive

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Sometimes, the more policies and procedures that are put into place, the less employees feel accountable for tasks.  What may have seemed like a valid policy at one point may now be affecting employees and company profitability in a negative manner.

Are your Policies and Procedures Becoming Counterproductive?

  1. Review why policies and procedures were created in the first place and decide if they are still valid reasons
  2. Be aware of unproductive tasks that have potential for improvement
  3. Quantify the time and money spent on seemingly unproductive time consuming tasks

How Can you Alleviate the Problem?

  1. Empower employees to make decisions
  2. Become an advocate for change
  3. Design policies that are focused on getting work done, not slowing it down

Selecting and implementing a new ERP software package is the perfect time to revisit old policies, adjust inadequate or antiquated procedures, and empower your employees.  A new ERP solution can provide the backbone for change and driving force for more appropriate policies and increased employee productivity.

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By Gloria Braunschweig with Computeration, a Pacific Northwest Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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