The 3 Main Benefits of Purchasing All of Your Software Requirements from One Microsoft Dynamics Reseller

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There are different benefits you can consider when it comes to purchasing an ERP software solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) and the additional technology for your organization’s operational efficiency.  Are you familiar with the term ‘one stop shop’?

In this case (and for the purpose of this article) the term ‘one stop shop’ refers to a solution provider who delivers not only the business management solution but also provides the hardware, implementation, initial and ongoing training, consultation, and support.  Using a ‘one stop shop’ to deliver and meet all of your technology requirements right from the beginning is a benefit to you, as you will save time and money and gain increased functionality.

Let me show you how…..

Before I get into the benefits of working with one solution vendor to fulfill your technology requirements, let’s add to this argument and state that it’s also important to select a reseller that has experience serving your industry and the proper resources, infrastructure, skills, and knowledge to help further your success today and beyond.

Partnering with an experienced accounting/financial solution provider to conduct research for you eliminates the need to spend extra time and energy on becoming an expert yourself.  Relying upon accounting/finance software specialists to explain how various components work together in an efficient way allows you to concentrate on other critical operations and the end results.

As well, you will benefit by saving time on implementation requirements and the number of vendors you need to contact for service and support.

Software implementation can be rather time consuming and costly.  Using proven systems that are fully integrated will help you to save money by avoiding high costs associated with customization.

A reputable vendor will have the knowledge of which modules work best together, thereby reducing any additional unexpected costs.  Implementing a fully integrated solution like Microsoft Dynamics will allow you to experience a faster implementation time and thus less cost.  Ask yourself:  is the time and energy you spend on ‘reinventing the wheel’ really worth the cost?

Additionally, a fully integrated business management solution will provide you with increased functionality that will invariably reduce data entry and costly errors, increase productivity, and improve access to real-time information.  Dealing with one vendor who has the skills and resources to handle such a role will not only make it very convenient for you, but will also provide you with a better understanding of how the whole process works.

Lastly,  partnering with an experienced Microsoft Dynamics GP reseller who understands your industry and your unique business requirements will not only empower your staff but also will result in fewer headaches and smoother business processes.

By Encore Business Solutions, Winnipeg/Manitoba, Canada Microsoft Dynamics ERP software Experts.

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