Success Story with Dexterity Customization in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Customization is one of the items in the Microsoft Dynamics GP toolbox that is often overlooked or avoided.  There are cases where putting the right partner together with the right tools makes for a very successful outcome and a happy customer.

Crestwood was engaged to complete a Dynamics GP upgrade from Great Plains 8.0 that was languishing two years behind schedule and thousands of dollars over budget for a Japanese electronic components distributor in Schaumburg, IL.  Throughout the protracted timeline of the original upgrade effort, numerous Microsoft SQL SRS reports were written that were meant to replace the functionality present in the previous version of Dynamics GP. 

These robust customizations were developed in Dexterity, the programming language of Dynamics GP, to complement the client’s core inventory and distribution processes.  However, the partner that attempted the upgrade had no Dexterity skills.  So core functionality that was developed for the client’s precise needs in the Great Plains 8.0 system was not available in the initial Dynamics GP 10.0 upgrade or was replaced by VBA code (a programming tool with less functionality than Dexterity). 

The Dexterity customization allowed custom data and fields stored externally to the stock Dynamics GP system to be available on the standard purchase order report directly from within Dynamics GP Report Writer without using an alternate report.  Because the data was stored in VBA and Dexterity tables, Crestwood was able to upgrade portions of the Great Plains 8.0 customization so that the purchase orders could be printed exactly as they were in the prior version.  This was a great relief to the users.

Further, some of the Microsoft SQL SRS reports developed as part of the initial upgrade were not pulling the correct data and Crestwood was able to repair or replace the errant reports, giving the client the GP business visibility that it needed.  The previous partner took two years to reach an 85% completion milestone and Crestwood took three months to reach project closure.  Full user adoption and client satisfaction was attained by completing the Dynamics GP 10.0 upgrade project on-time and on-budget.

Sometimes it takes experience and breadth of knowledge to do things the right way for the customer. 

By William Schroeder, Practice Manager, at your Chicago Area Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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