Emailing Invoices and Purchase Orders with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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As more and more businesses get familiar and comfortable with electronic delivery of documentation, more and more companies are looking for their accounting software to provide an easy way to fire off an email with the requested documents.  I spoke in my previous blog about how Microsoft technologies can be used together to accomplish mass invoicing including sending the documents as attachments with emails.  But often the initial invoice is misplaced by the customer/vendor or they have additional questions, so the customer may call and request a copy of the invoice or purchase order.  Our office in Greensboro, NC regularly gets this exact type of request.  The mass invoice process, while great for invoice runs, isn’t the best solution for “one –offs” or single documents.  This is a request that we get often in the consulting world and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 provides an easy way to meet these needs. 

In Dynamics GP 2010 new functionality has been added to support the emailing of invoices (as well as purchase orders, remittances, credit memos, debit memos, and returns).  When setting up the email options we now have the option to embed the document in the actual message area of the email, to include the document as an attachment with the email, or both.

After defining the delivery options as either an attachment or both, we can further define what type of document to use for the attachment.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 gives us these options: 

  • DOCX (MS Word document)
  • HTML (“Web” document)
  • PDF (Adobe document)
  • XPS (XML Paper Specification document)

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 also offers us the ability to predefine Message IDs to associate with the emails.  We can, ahead of time, decide:

  • How the subject line will be filled
  • What  message to include in the Body of the email (in addition to the document, if we selected to Embed it in the email)
  • Where replies will be sent

By giving us the ability to predefine these Message IDs we can quickly define how to send different documents to different recipients, whether they are vendors or customers.  We can also quickly switch out Message IDs in case we want to notify the customer/vendor of special promotions we are running.  Or, during holiday season, we can switch out the Message IDs to wish the customer a happy and healthy holiday season.  If emailing documents is something that you believe will help in assisting your customer, then you should definitely give Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 a look today.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc., your South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Paartner

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