3 Rules For Avoiding ERP Implementation Penalties

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The golf world is all abuzz this week regarding the just completed PGA golf tournament.  Professional golfer Dustin Johnson was penalized two shots for grounding (touching the sand) his club in a messy “bunker” in the rough where fans were walking on the 72nd hole. The penalty kept him out of a playoff for the potential win.

The applicability of the rule (what exactly should be considered a bunker) has generated considerable conversation, but the fairness of the penalty ruling hasn’t.  The golfer should have known the rules.

Often times in a new ERP implementation, certain rules need to be followed so as not to incur “penalties” (aka a failed implementation) at the completion of the process. They are as follows:

  • Planning: Implementing an ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP2010 involves considerable upfront thought. Much like a golfer selects the right club for each shot on each hole, the client and his implementation partner must select the right module for each phase of the implementation. Dynamics GP business ready licensing offers an amazing array of choices, but all are not relevant in every situation.  Careful selection of the modules of immediate relevance and benefit will prevent the implementation from going rough.
  • Execution: Upfront planning does not guarantee proper execution. Follow through on each task is key to ensuring that each implementation milestone is successful and on budget.  For me, the key is acquiring/providing adequate training to the end users who are ultimately responsible for the success of the ERP implementation.  Creating confidence through knowledge transfer is ultimately what allows each person, regardless of role, to accept and endorse the use of the new ERP system.
  • Finish: Go live or system cutover should never be considered the final stroke.  Rather, it is more the beginning of the next round of the implementation, which is realizing the benefits of the software and services purchased. Constant monitoring of user satisfaction and speedy resolution of unanticipated issues creates an environment of mutual satisfaction and rapid acceptance of the new system.

Simply putt (sorry I couldn’t resist!), following these simple rules will guarantee your ERP implementation does not get grounded.

By The Knaster Technology Group, Colorado award winning Microsoft Dynamics GP partner  since 1989

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