Manage the Boundaries: Owning Your Application, Not the Other Way Around

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Many clients often ask us: 'how involved will Crestwood be after Microsoft Dynamics GP is deployed?' The answer to this question varies greatly, but obviously the implications are significant for all users of Dynamics GP. There are no concrete answers, but there are many considerations for one to ponder.

  • Depth and skills of internal resources. Review closely your current team of professionals, both on IT and Operations. Do members of your team have Dynamics GP experience? If so, is it current? Have they been with your organization for an extended period of time or are they new and just coming to know your needs?
  • 'Competing Priorities'. What internal initiatives are underway that will prevent you from fully 'owning' your Dynamics GP application? Are there other IT projects to consider and if so, what are their platforms? Are there broader organizational initiatives that will distract team members, such as new product introductions or acquisitions?
  • End User Requirements and Skills. How adept are your operations team members in 'owning' business applications? Do they have a true power user? Are they interested in coming to learn the system or do they expect on-demand reporting only?
  • Technical Evolution. Consider both developing technologies and those in use today. On closer review, you may find that some technologies are simply not worth investing time and effort in as they will fade over time or they are simply not used very often any more.
  • 'Interesting Technologies'. To the extent that IT professionals can be satiated by new and interesting technologies within the context of Dynamics GP, your team will feel energized and intrigued.
  • Budget. Understanding fully your internal budget and how you wish to allocate these funds will help to determine when to engage your Dynamics GP Partner and when to manage efforts internally.

Given the state of constant change in the world of IT, it is important to recognize that some level of engagement with your outside service provider(s) is essential. The depth to which you involve 3rd parties however is highly dependent on your team, their skills and priorities, and the way in which you allocate your budget.

By Tim Thompson, Director of Account Services, at your Chicago Area Gold Certified Partner, Crestwood Associates.

Crestwood Associates, an Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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