How to Write a Cash Flow Statement in FRx

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FRx Reporter is the go-to Financial Statement report writing tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX and SL.  FRx is supported for customers that are currently on Dynamics GP 10.0, and they can stay on FRx when they upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010.  All customers and anyone who purchase Dynamics GP 2010 will receive licenses for Management Reporter when they upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010.  The features I describe here are relevant for both FRx and Management Reporter (MR).

When clients ask me how to write a cash flow statement or tell me it can’t be done with FRx or MR, I just smile.  There are three samples of FRx Cash flow statements in the Filmworks sample company that comes with FRx.  All you have to do is export from the Filmworks sample reports and import into the live company reports.  You do have to change the mapping to your accounts in the row format, but that is easily done.  The tricky part is getting the beginning of month or year cash balance into FRx.  There is a trick in the row format that allows you to pull in the beginning balance or year-to-date balances to make sure your cash ties out to the balance sheet.  These are called account modifiers under the row modifiers option. 

Sometimes you need to bring in other cash flow sources or uses that are not easily pulled from the general ledger.  If you have MR, let me know and I can copy and paste the row format for you and send to you.  You can use a feature called linking to Excel worksheets that will pull in data such as common stock issues, fixed assets purchases or retirements, etc. 

We just covered these exact topics in my FRx Advanced Training class this week.  Crestwood also offers FRx Basics classes at the Microsoft Office in Downers Grove, IL on September 9 and October 13.  Let us know if you would like to attend e-mail

By Mary Lenehan, Client Education Manager, at your Chicago IL Area Gold Certified Partner, Crestwood Associates.

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  1. FRx can bring a company close to an automatic and accurate Cash Flow Statement, but to be 100% correct, the chart of accounts must enable tracking of acquisition and disposition of assets, increases and decreases to long-term financing, purchase and sales of stock, etc., in completely separate accounts. Analyzing those accounts just by segregating the debits and credits doesn't accomodate the inevitable corrections to these accounts. We recommend separate balance sheet accounts for each financial and investment activity reported on the cash flow statement. That will bring an Indirect Cash Flow Statement closer to 100% accurate. The Direct Method of portraying the Cash Flow Statement is easier, but less informative. Both are required as we move to a transition to IFRS statements.

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