263% More Companies Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software

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The Microsoft FY10 fiscal year just closed at the end of June, and what a year it was!  With the almost unbelievable “3 users for $1” discount offered by Microsoft, CAL Business Solutions saw a 263% increase in the number of new customers that bought Microsoft Dynamics GP this year versus last year.   Since the promotion was announced in the fourth quarter of the Microsoft fiscal year, CAL was able to help 16 companies, most of them located in Connecticut, take advantage of the discount.  This was a savings of up to $11,939 off the regular price of Dynamics GP software for each customer.

 Many of these companies had been considering the purchase of Dynamics GP for quite some time, some as long as 3 years. And the promotion was just the incentive they needed to move forward.

 This 3 Users for $1 was honestly an unheard of deal – something I have never seen in 10 years works with Microsoft. So I don’t expect it to come around again.  However, if you are looking into the cost of accounting software, make sure that you ask about promotions you quality for. We always publish all the current Dynamics GP promotions on our website, but that is not the case with every partner.  You may have to dig a little. One insider tip is that you will always get the best chance of getting a discount from the vendor at the end of their fiscal year. (For Microsoft, this is June.  For Sage, I believe it is March.) Finding a discount may also require you to get creative, for example, ask if there are better discounts for existing customers. Such as a Buy 1 User Get 1 Free deal.  Once you buy the software, the vendor considers your company an existing customer. It could be that anything you buy the next day may be eligible for existing customer pricing. It is worth asking the question!

We look forward to helping the 29 new customers added to the CAL Business Solutions family this year to get the most benefits out of their new accounting software systems.  We are already planning our annual Connecticut Dynamics GP User Event for October 13th which is a full day of training and networking focused on Dynamics GP. If you are in the area, plan to join us!

Honestly, after the success of FY10, I am curious to see what type of promotion Microsoft can announce in FY11 to top it!  Stay tuned to the blog for all the latest announcements. And if you are thinking of buying Microsoft Dynamics GP and want to make sure you know about all the promotions you qualify for, contact CAL Business Solutions. We love to help our clients save money.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

1 thought on “263% More Companies Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP Accounting Software”

  1. Jeffrey DeMaria

    This was a great posting and it's excited to see that the pie is getting bigger faster. How did other partners out there embrace the 3 users for a $1 campaign? Similar growth results?

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