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Are you overwhelmed with the wealth of information out there today? You’re not the only one. We are living in a technology world and information is overflowing! I recently listened in on a psychologist that said our frontal cortex (“thinking” area of our brain) is much smaller compared to the other parts of our brain. This means, humans have a very limited attention span. One thing is for sure; we have the hardware to help us organize this information and that solution is Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With a flexible, holistic approach to managing a business, Microsoft Dynamics GP can eliminate that overwhelming feeling by streamlining your business processes. It ultimately connects the people, processes, and information in your organization for the best possible productivity. Not only will it connect, it will cut the workload by automating many routine and repeating functions, eliminating needless barriers, and allowing your employees, partners, vendors, and customers to engage on behalf of shared goals. The integration possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics GP will ultimately prepare your company for unlimited growth without having to grow your staff… or your frontal cortex.

Help out your frontal cortex today by contacting us at Anderson, Tackman & Company’s Accounting Software Consulting Group (ATCO). ATCO is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft Dynamics solutions including Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS/POS).

By Sherry L. Berg, CPA & Suruchi Taneja, MBA/MIS, Anderson, Tackman & Co, PLC, a Wisconsin Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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